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TSS Norway’s goal is to supply high quality piping, fittings, flanges, tubing and related components for piping systems, with the shortest possible lead time. We have commercial and technical presence in Norway, including NORSOK M-650 qualifier.

TSS Norway is Tubacex’s master stockist and distributor. From our bases in Bergen and Stavanger we mainly serve the North Sea region, projects in the Arctic circle and across the north Atlantic, but can deliver to projects worldwide. In addition to our own personnel and stock, TSS Norway has full access to Tubacex SA globally located warehouses, logistic support and commercial and technical personnel, including the 20 mills in the Tubacex Enterprise.

To ensure the ideal combination of materials and optimize delivery schedules and lead times, we work with many customers to create service packs, sourcing and combining a wide range of products needed for a particular project. Our personnel is specialized in compiling complexed bulk piping packages, mill order coordination and various special items for the oil and gas industry. TSS Norway has full availability to Tubacex’s innovation team and research laboratory for development of new products, co-engineering in early phase studies, design optimization and material selection.


  • Sales offices in Bergen and Stavanger
  • 3000 m2 Warehouse in Stavanger
  • 10-tonne crane
  • ​Bomar Individual 610 bandsaw
  • SIC marking E8 machine

TSS Norway key services:

  • Master stockist and distributor – part of a global network of warehouses and manufacturers.
  • Deliver all types and sizes of standard piping products – tubing, pipes, fittings, flanges – and a variety of taylor made Special Items.
  • All applicable material grades are from Norsok M-650 qualified manufacturers.
  • Act as a total package supplier into small and large projects – including document packages.
  • Key personnel at sales, project handling, technical and warehouse with typical more than 20 years experience